Friday, 14 December 2018

Okay, NOW I can share...

Okay, you’re going to have to bear with me, because this is going to take a while…
I don’t talk much on social media about my dad. There are a few reasons for this, and most of them have to do with the fact that sharing hurts. But we’re past that now – well, maybe not, but I can write about it now.
Some of you will remember my Dad’s paintings. He started painting again when he and my stepmum, Hache (aka Wicked Stepmother – it’s a joke, btw – she’s wonderful) were living in Montpellier in France. Every time he finished a painting, I shared it on Facebook.
Which brings us to a couple of years ago…
Dad and H decided they wanted to move back to the UK. He’d been diagnosed with lung cancer, and again, some of you will remember my posts as he went for check-ups after surgery, and was given the all-clear. BUT… his health was not good. Getting around was proving more and more difficult. We’d known about his arthritic hip for ever, and walking was painful. By the time they came to move, Dad was getting around in a wheelchair and sleeping on the recliner sofa because climbing stairs was too much.
I went out to France to help them move back to the UK. They’d talked about where they wanted to live, and after some discussions, they decided on the Isle of Wight. The Hubby and I went to investigate rental properties for them, but the plan was always that when they sold their house in France, they’d buy a place on the island. Eventually, we found a ground floor flat about twenty minutes away from us. They managed to cram everything into it, and life got into a routine.
Unfortunately, it wasn’t a good one.
One result of the chemo was that Dad’s spine started to curve. No way to stop it. Sleeping on the recliner was now a permanent thing, because he couldn’t lie flat. Hospital scans proved difficult. And Pain became a new permanent feature too. There were some good points. They bought a mobility scooter, so Dad could get around, and it was great to hear about them going for a pint in Newport, and discovering one of our favorite cafes. But then things took a new course.
They sold their house, and were able to find one not far from where they’d been living. Once they’d moved in, a stair lift was put in. Dad has had psoriasis for as long as I can remember. So when the spine curvature got worse, the skin on his back was so thin that his backbones started breaking it. We’re talking painful sores which got so bad that District Nurses had to visit to dress them. The hospital also arranged for a hospital bed, but it proved so painful that it was used once.
By the end of November, the nurses were visiting three times a week, and it was obvious his sores weren’t healing. In fact, they were getting worse – and spreading. Previously, Dad’s life had been reduced to reading and sleeping, but pain was making both those things more difficult. Oral morphine was a way of life, and trying to find the right mix of pain killers to make life bearable became the goal. A life he didn’t want to live anymore…
There is never a good time to let go of someone you love, but Dad made it clear that he couldn’t go on like this. What stopped him? The effect it would have on H. What pained him most was that her life was reduced to caring for him. Basically, she had no life. So when I received an email from him, saying that he hadn’t found a way to go yet, but not to be surprised if he did…
Then November 26th came. I was hosting a two-day Facebook event, with forty authors taking over. Ninety minutes before kick off, H called to say Dad had been taken into hospital. He’d lost all the strength from his arms, and they suspected a severe infection. My thanks to the authors who supported me, not knowing more than where he was.
And as for what happened in the hospital?
It was an up-and-down time. Days when his antibiotics made him so nauseous, he couldn’t eat. When the morphine made him sleep. When they weighed him, and said he weighed ninety pounds. But after a week, the antibiotics stopped, he started eating, and he looked so much better. The turning point was a visit from a consultant from the Mountbatten Hospice here on the island. The upshot was that his pain management would be changed – and they would find a way to bring him home. He’d have carers visiting three to four times a day, and he’d be permanently in a hospital bed, but he’d be home. For the first time in a long while, he was comfortable, because treatment of the sores had stopped, and that had been the cause of a lot of pain. There was nothing they could do anyway.
We all knew he was coming home to die, but… he was positive. He said knowing it was coming made him feel powerful. He asked H to buy him a cigar for when he got home. Why the hell not? I figured, whatever he wanted, he’d get. He was also talking about finishing his book. We had no idea of how long was left, but it wasn’t imminent. He’d be around for Christmas. We thought.
The hospice staff were wonderful. They rushed funding through for Dad’s care package, and he was looking forward to Monday. That’s the Monday just passed, by the way. We dashed around like mad things last weekend, getting the house ready for him. There were a few last-minute hiccups, but Monday arrived, and we waited for him to come home.
By five-thirty, I was beginning to wonder why I hadn’t heard anything. I called H, who said he was awaiting transport. Then the call came. He’d been taken back to the ward, because his blood pressure dropped through the floor, and his sats were low. They said they’d try again, because Dad was insisting he wanted to go home.
We knew what that meant. He wanted to die at home.
I got in a taxi and hurried to their home. It wasn’t until seven-thirty that we got a call. He was on his way. When I asked how he was, I got a cautious ‘okay’. Fifteen minutes later, the ambulance arrived. Two men brought the stretcher into the house – and as soon as we saw him, we knew he’d already gone.
Apparently, one of the men told him he was home, and got a response. He died before he got through the door.
I’m going to stop there, because now I’m a mess again. We have no idea when the funeral will be, because…well, red tape… but it’ll get sorted. H is doing okay – I think she’s doing incredibly well, actually – and there are others to consider too – my sister, my mum…
There is a small network of friends who have known what is going on, and they’ve been wonderful. I’m so lucky to have the Hubby, who has been a rock. Parker Williams and Sue Brown have been checking up on me, and so many friends have been sending messages of support and love. Needless to say, writing is not that high up on my agenda right now, and Dreamspinner Press have been awesome.
My dad…. A very intelligent man, with a sharp wit. An extremely creative man who composed, painted, sewed, cooked… whatever he turned his hand to, he did exceedingly well at it. But a man who hated what his life had become, so maybe this was the best way after all.

                                          Barrie Peter Jones. August 1945 – December 2018

Friday, 2 February 2018

A free short - but you may need tissues... and NSFW

Back in December 2012, I wrote a thousand word post for a Dreamspinner newsletter. I came across it yesterday, and thought I'd share it. Of course, I couldn't resist tweaking it a little, and added nearly three hundred words in the process...

Surrendering Sam

Kevin opened his eyes slowly as the mattress dipped. What the fuck...? He rolled over and found himself staring into Sam’s clear green eyes, gazing back at him warmly. Sam’s tousled blond curls, unruly as always, were pressed into the pillow beside him as Sam stared at him, a slight smile playing about his lips.
Kevin let out a yelp, his body stiffening uncontrollably, even as his heartbeat began to race.
“What... what are you... ?” Anything else he’d wanted to say escaped him, as Sam cut off his words with a fierce kiss, his arms reaching around Kevin to pull him tight against that lean, lanky body, Kevin unable to prevent the heartfelt groan which rolled out into the stillness of the silent room. Sam’s tongue teased the seam of his lips until Kevin opened for him, eagerly accepting the welcome intrusion. Sam’s low moan of appreciation reverberated through him, and yet somehow Kevin found the strength of will to pull back slightly, his eyes wide as he gazed at his husband, unable to look away.
“I-I don’t understand,” Kevin stammered out, feverishly drinking in the view before him. “How did you....” He shook his head, forcing himself to squeeze his eyes tight shut for a second. Slowly he opened them once more: Sam’s eyes danced with amusement. Kevin stared at him in amazement. “You’re really here?”
Sam’s customary wide grin grew even wider as he took hold of Kevin’s hand and brought it, leisurely but inexorably, down to his thick cock which was already hard.
“Believe I’m here now?”  Sam’s voice was hushed as he wrapped Kevin’s hand around his length, pushing his hips so that the shaft slid through the tunnel of his fist. Kevin moaned softly to feel Sam’s silken dick glide fluidly through his fingers. Fuck, it had been so long...
Sam groaned. “Oh baby, fuck, I’ve missed this!” He pushed Kevin impatiently onto his back, pulling his cock free of his husband’s eager grasp. Then he rolled on top of him, and their lips met in a frenzied kiss. Kevin inhaled deeply, breathing him in. It really was Sam: the smell of his favorite shampoo still clung to his curls, and when Kevin buried his face in Sam’s neck, there it was, that familiar musky scent, the one that always filled his sense.
He’d missed that so much.  
Kevin reached up and cupped Sam’s cheek. “I still don’t understand how you’re‒”
Sam laid a gently finger against his lips. “Shh. Let’s not waste time, all right?” He shifted down Kevin’s body, and Kevin arched up off the bed when his cock was surrounded by wet heat. He cupped Sam’s head, holding him there lightly while Sam took him deep, until he was unable to hold back any longer. He thrust in and out, hips rolling, and Sam took everything he had to give, moaning around his thick shaft.
Sam pulled free, and rubbed his hand unhurriedly over Kevin’s chest, his nipples growing taut as fingers whispered over them. Sam moved lower, kissing his belly, circling Kevin’s navel with his tongue, before licking a trail down to his pubes. He brushed his fingers softly past Kevin’s balls to stroke the delicate skin there, one single finger circling his hole, pressing eagerly against it.
Kevin needed no second invitation.
Stretching away for a second, he reached into the bedside drawer for the lube, forgotten these last few weeks. He snapped the lid open, then dripped the viscous liquid down over his balls, to where impatient fingers slid through the silky fluid, before sinking deeply into Kevin’s body.
A loud groan was torn from Kevin as his husband stroked deep into him, making him ready. Kevin pulled Sam down into another fervent kiss, drawing up his long legs to wrap them around his husband’s waist, his ankles crossing at the small of Sam’s back.
“Now, love, fuck me now,” he demanded, reaching for Sam’s cock and slicking it with the remnants of lube which coated his hole, guiding him, his body eagerly awaiting the invasion. Sam let out a long, lingering groan as he slowly pushed into him, his cock filling him, stretching him, until all Kevin knew was Sam. 
“Oh fuck, yes!” Sam thrust deeply into him, punching the air from his lungs, and for a moment, the burn took Kevin’s breath away. He forced himself to relax, pulling Sam down against his body, their lips meeting once more in a hungry kiss, which became one in a long line of kisses as Sam proceeded to fuck him, hips bucking wildly, his rhythm awkward at first. But soon their bodies remembered as they slipped into their long-established rhythm, Kevin pushing up to meet Sam’s thrusts, no passive lover but his equal in passion, as both men strived for their mutual climax.
“Oh God, I love you so much!” Kevin cried out as he felt his orgasm approach, his body tightening around Sam’s cock. Trapped between their bodies, his dick erupted, covering them both. Sam pushed out a loud groan as he pulsed heat into Kevin’s willing body, pushing him over the edge into oblivion, tumbling, crying out in ecstasy as he came. Sam’s cries mingled with his, his lips meeting Kevin’s in a fiercely possessive kiss, the two men unwilling to let go of each other, even for a second as Kevin’s body held Sam prisoner within him.
“Love you, baby.” Sam whispered into his ear as their bodies pressed against each other, slick with perspiration, still deep inside him. He lay stretched out on top of Kevin, his slight weight a welcome burden. Kevin reached up to run his fingers gently through the unruly curls, his eyes wide with wonder.
“I still can’t believe...” His words died away as Sam’s mouth fastened on his, Sam’s lips soft and warm.
Sam murmured into his mouth. “Sleep, baby.” The lassitude which flowed through Kevin’s body suddenly pulled him towards sleep, and Kevin fought it, not wanting to let go, for fear of losing him. But his eyelids grew heavy, and he sank into the welcoming embrace of sleep, the feel of Sam’s lips upon his a lingering memory as he slipped deeper and deeper into its velvety depths...

The sound of the curtains being drawn roused Kevin from his slumber. He stretched in the bed, arms above his head, as he turned toward the window. His mother was standing there, her expression careful.
“Morning, sweetheart,” she said, reaching for the cup of tea that she’d placed on the dresser behind her. “It’s already ten. Everyone’s here.” Those grey eyes rested on him, and Kevin noted, not for the first time, that she seemed weary. He sat up in bed and took the cup, careful not to spill its contents over the soft cream sheets that covered the bed. They were Sam’s favourite bed linen, a present when they’d gotten married.
“How come you let me sleep?” he demanded to know, wiping at his eyes and stifling a yawn. For the first time in a while, he actually felt rested, at peace.
Her gaze came to rest on him once more. She indicated the window with a brief nod of her head. “Sam’s here.”
And with that, the feeling left him. Silently, he climbed out of bed and made his way slowly to the window. He looked down as the men below carefully slid the coffin that contained his husband onto the waiting trolley, ready to bring him into the house, to where his family and their friends were waiting for him.
He turned to his mother, his expression calm.

“It’s okay, Mum,” he said with a gentle smile. “I’ll be downstairs in a moment to say goodbye.”

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

They don't speak for me

There's been a lot going down in the MM community lately.
And there it is. That word - Community.
It hasn't felt like a community. And why? Division. A lot of division.

It seems no sooner had one drama left us, than another raised its head, more ugly than its predecessor.
And suddenly, mission statements are appearing left, right and centre, from authors who want to make it clear that whatever has been said, they didn't agree with it.
Hence the title of this post.

All these authors who spoke out in numerous posts? And you KNOW the posts I mean. The ones that got us all angry, incensed, madder than hell...

And they certainly don't speak for me.

I'm an ally. What do I mean by that?
I support LGBTQ rights.
I share posts on everything that affects this community.
I'm not an American, but when the US administration proposes plans that will hurt my LGBTQ friends, you're damn straight I'll share resistance to it.

I've read some amazing posts this last week, from authors who wrote pieces that had me in tears.
All I could do was share, because the authors in question were the ones under attack, and they had every right to shout out their hurt / outrage / rage at what had been put out there.

One author put it very well. he said these dramas had proved useful, as a means of shedding so-called 'friends'. Because let's face it, you soon learn who you can rely on in a crisis, right?

So I'm not saying 'Let's calm down now. It's over. Let's get along.'
Because you know there will be another drama along soon enough.
What I am saying, is, let's stand together.

I was choosing swag to give out at various cons this year. One of them was chosen deliberately, because I felt it was never more apt.
What is it?
A rainbow keyring, with the words 'WE STAND TOGETHER' embossed on it, along with the Equality symbol.
And if you see me at EuroPride / ShiMMer / GRL / RT - ask me, and you can have one.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Let's talk.... COFFEE

Coffee takes various guises in my house.
There's the instant variety, which is what the hubby makes for me first thing in the morning when he wants me to wake up and get his lunch, really. Because once I'm awake? I'm Tigger. Yup. Bouncy. I like this brand. it took me a whole lotta tasting to find one that didn't taste like... bleh. It's also what he makes for me in the evening.

Then there's the stuff I make as soon as he's left for work. In a coffee pot. Glorious. I LOVE my coffee machine, even if Wulf Godgluck named it Fluffy and it stuck...
That is what fuels my brain throughout the day when I'm writing, and it's usually all gone by the time he gets home. Then we're onto the instant.

And then there are the Espresso coffee beans I keep in the fridge. I grind them in the little contraption you see below. It's older than me. Really. It belonged to my parents, Mum got custody of it when they divorced and then she gave it to me when it was all rusty inside and she hadn't used it for years. She did warn me it would need taking apart and cleaning thoroughly.
(Hubbies DO have their uses :-)  )
I used to have a stove top coffee pot, until we moved to the island and it got left behind, because the new hob was an Induction hob, and it would have been useless. A few years later I found an Induction-safe version. Bliss.

So why am I talking about coffee. Two words - The Hubby.
You see, lately, he's been working on a site, getting new build houses ready. I made the suggestion one day that maybe he'd like to take my Starbucks insulated mug - 20oz - with him, full of hot instant coffee, made strong.
This went down really well. So well, in fact, that he does it every day.
I should point out here that this man is a Tea Drinker. Lifelong. Coffee just happens to be a convenient way for him to keep warm on site. MY coffee. (This is important, right?)

Fast forward to this morning.
I go to make him his coffee, and.... no coffee.
*stares into empty tin*
"Have we run out of coffee?" I ask.
"There's another tin on the cupboard," he calls from the lounge, where he's sitting glued to the news on his phone.
I open said cupboard, and... no coffee.
"Oh. it's not coffee, is it? It's that tin of hot chocolate."
*stares into empty tin again.*
"Listen," he calls again. "You don't need to make coffee for me. I have a flask of hot water, I can make tea."
*STARES at empty tin.*
No, I can't. Really.
I walk into the hall where I know he can see me. He smiles. "Honestly, it's okay. I'll do without."
"I'm really glad about that," I say, sarcasm dripping from my tongue.
He stares back at me for a second or two. Then he gets it. "You've got coffee, right?"
"Uh huh." I walk back into the kitchen, trying not to think that he thinks it's all about him, that the poor soul will make do with the tea he drinks EVERY DAMN DAY while his wife, the coffee drinker, will have to leave her writing at some point to go shopping for coffee.
Tries not to stare into the cupboard where there is box upon box upon box of tea....

Trust me, it was funny at the time.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Personal Changes is now in Audio!

Book #2 of the Personal series, Personal Changes, is now out!
Cornell Collins - aka Matthew Lltoyd Davies - has done a fantastic job, following on from making it Personal which came out last year.

The blurb is below, but this is the important bit. I'm having a giveaway!
If you'd like to get the code for this audio book, please leave a comment below. Have you read the series? Are you waiting for the final novel, Personal Challenges, due for release on April 7?

For some reason best known to themselves, Audible have put this one under the category of Erotica. Not Gay and Lesbian. Not LGBT. All of which makes it a little difficult for fans of the genre to find it. And yes, I've told them this - three times now - but so far, nothing has changed.

Rick Wentworth has had enough of one night stands and quickies in clubs. It takes a night of uncharacteristic hedonism to make Rick admit what he really wants - someone to love him. But for that to happen, he needs to make some changes. Rick can do that. After all, what's the alternative? And when he meets a guy who ticks all his boxes, he can't believe his luck. His boss Blake Davis, and Blake's fiancé Will Parkinson, however, aren't convinced. They want to know more about Mr. Perfect, and their instincts are keener than Rick's. Both men want to protect him. As it turns out, they needn't have worried. Rick has a guardian angel...
When Angelo Tarallo sees Rick for the first time, it's a match made in Heaven, as far as he's concerned. And when he rescues Rick from danger, it gives him the opportunity to get to know the man who has captivated him. Before long, it's plain to both men that this could lead somewhere. But when Angelo's traditional Sicilian family finally discover what he's been hiding from them for so long, an ultimatum spells heartache for the lovers - and worse.
Also contains a MMM scene.

You can find it on Audible here or on Amazon here

So... get commenting!

Monday, 13 February 2017

Happy Valentine's Day from Will and Blake! **NSFW**

Sorry, folks - I've been so busy writing Out of the Shadows, a Dreamspun Desires novel, that there wasn't time to write a Valentine's Day novella this year.
I'm over half way through writing Personal Challenges, the last book in the Personal series, and the story starts over the Valentine's weekend.
So... here's the first chapter. Please be aware, this is pre-edits - and enjoy!

Personal Challenges -  copyright 2017 K.C. Wells

Chapter One

February, 2016

Blake Davis glanced up from the couch as the door to the waiting room opened, and grinned at Ed Fellows and Colin Reynolds. “What time do you call this?” he said quietly, so as not to disturb Sophie who was curled up asleep in his lap, her precious rabbit cuddled up to her. He knew this peaceful state wouldn’t last long: she’d been dozing on and off during the six hours since they’d arrived at the hospital. He peered at the clock on the wall. “I phoned you hours ago.”
Ed gave him a sheepish grin. “We thought you’d ’ave loads of people ’ere, to be honest.” He gazed at the empty room. “Where is everyone?”
Sophie chose that moment to make a cute noise, and Colin looked like he’d melted into a pile of goo. “Aww. She’s adorable.”
Ed turned to his fianc√© and snorted. “When she’s sleepin’, yeah. When she’s awake, that’s another matter.” He met Blake’s gaze and winked. “We don’t call her Cyclone Sophie for nothin’.”
Blake tried to suppress his laugh. Ed had done his fair share of babysitting during the last two years, and he always looked the same by the time Blake and Will arrived home—exhausted. “Rick and Angelo have been and gone, as have Lizzie, Dave and the kids. They would have stayed longer, but Molly was cranky and they think Justin is coming down with something, and didn’t want to risk him being in the hospital.”
“Where’s Will?” Colin asked, sitting at the other end of the couch, his gaze focused on Sophie.
Blake smiled. “In the delivery room with Donna. He asked if he could be present and she said yes.” He was glad one of them got to witness their little boy’s entry into the world. Will had been buzzing about it for weeks.
Ed stared. “She still in labour? ’Ow many hours is it now?”
Blake ran his fingers through his hair, raking over his scalp. “She’d already been in labour for an hour when I called you two. At least there are no complications this time.”
Sophie wriggled in his arms and Blake knew the peace was at an end. She yawned and opened her eyes, blinking. “Papa, is he here yet?” she asked, her voice heavy with sleep.
Blake stroked her long, brown hair. “No, sweetheart, not yet.”
She pouted. “You said he would be here when I woke up.”
“Daddy is with Donna right now, and it shouldn’t be long,” he told her, hoping his words were prophetic.
Sophie sighed and turned her head. When she caught sight of Ed and Colin, all trace of fatigue vanished. “Uncle Ed! Uncle Colin!” Impatiently she squirmed off Blake’s lap and clambered down from the couch to run toward Ed, her rabbit clutched in one hand.
Ed crouched and caught her in his arms, swinging her up into the air. Sophie giggled and screamed with delight. “’Ow’s my favourite girl?”
Blake tut-tutted. “Don’t let Molly hear you say that. Or Mandy.” Ed’s niece Mandy adored her uncle, and whenever Blake and Will attended family gatherings, they’d notice how the five year old clung to him like a limpet.
Ed cuddled Sophie to him. “This ’ere is my favourite little girl.” He glanced at the soft toy in her hand. “Are you still playing with that rabbit?”
Blake coughed. “Mr. Bunny, if you don’t mind. And he goes everywhere with her. It’s a wrench on those days when Will throws him in the washing machine.”
Sophie curled an arm around Ed’s neck. “Daddy gives him an in-jection, so he can sleep while he gets washed.”
Ed bit his lip. “Oh he does, does he?” His gaze met Blake’s and he smirked.
Blake shook his head. “You should see him. He has a syringe that we use for injecting brandy into the Christmas cake.”
Colin stared. “Really?”
“Yep. He injects Mr. Bunny’s paw so he won’t feel a thing while he’s in the washing machine. You should have seen her the first time we washed it. She sat on the floor in front of the machine the whole time, and when it paused during the rinse cycle and there was Mr. Bunny, pressed against the glass door…” He could still recall her anguished lament that Mr. Bunny was drowning. That was the last time they’d let her anywhere near the washing machine during its cycle.
“I’m going to have a baby brother,” Sophie announced, beaming.
“Is that right?” Ed said with a wide smile.
“Yes, but Papa says he has to sleep in his own room.” She scowled. “I want him to sleep in my room.
“My turn for a hug?” Colin asked from the couch, his arms held wide.
Sophie’s frown disappeared and she held out her arms to him. Ed passed her over, and she sat on Colin’s lap, snuggling up against him, clutching Mr. Bunny.
“I remember when you were a baby,” Colin told her. “You didn’t sleep well sometimes. Maybe Daddy and Papa want you to get a good night’s sleep. Because I think Sophie gets a bit cranky when she doesn’t get enough sleep.” He tickled her, and she giggled. When he stopped, she turned her face up toward his.
“I have a picture of my brother. Do you want to see it?”
Colin frowned. “A picture?”
Sophie stretched out her arm toward Blake and made a grabbing hand gesture. Blake reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet. He withdrew a folded card. “It’s the twenty week scan. She was so excited when we showed it to her, and she kept asking to see it so often that I just keep it on me.” He handed her the card and she opened it with a happy little noise, holding it up to show Colin.
Ed was watching his lover with a fond expression. “Before you ask, we are not ’avin’ one, all right?”
Colin jerked his head to stare at Ed. “Excuse me?”
“I see ’ow you are when you’re around kids, and the answer is no. You may be nearly thirty-five, mister, but I’m nearly forty, and that’s too bleedin’ old to be startin’ a family.”
Blake cleared his throat and nodded toward Sophie.
Ed’s eyes widened. “Oops. Sorry.” The little girl appeared not to have noticed his swearing, staring at the scan.
Colin gazed serenely at Ed. “You have me all wrong. The joy of other people’s children is that you get to hand them back.” He grinned. “But yes, I love being uncle to Mandy, Ben and Lucy. Your nieces and nephew are wonderful.” Colin winked. “I value my life with you much more. I think having children might curtail certain… activities, if you get my drift.” He glanced at Blake with a grin. “Or have I got that part wrong?”
Blake snorted. “Don’t get me started.” The number of occasions he and Will had been caught mid-coitus when their bedroom door opened and Sophie wandered in, having awoken from a bad dream. He adored his daughter, and he couldn’t wait to hold their son in his arms, but he was under no illusions: lovemaking was going to be on the back burner for a few months to come.
The door opened and Will entered, green scrubs over his clothes. He walked over to Blake, who rose to meet him. “Is everything okay?” Blake asked quickly.
Will nodded. “Donna is fine, and we have a beautiful seven pound, ten ounce baby boy.” His eyes shone. “And he is so beautiful, babe.” Will looked tired but radiant.
Blake took his husband in his arms and held him close, their cheeks pressed together. “I love you,” he whispered.
Will put his arms around him and leaned into him. “Love you, too.” Then he chuckled and drew back, grinning. “By the way, Donna says she hopes that’s the last one, and that we don’t intend to keep on enlarging the Davis Empire. Her surrogacy days are at an end.”
Blake frowned. “Is she really all right?”
Will gave a slow nod. “She’s just exhausted. I think this pregnancy was hard on her. She is nearly forty, after all.” He smiled. “Her words, not mine.”
Blake stroked Will’s cheek. “You look tired too. Can we see the baby yet?”
“He’s in the Maternity unit, along with all the other babies. We can go stare at him through the window.” He turned, seeking Sophie. “And there’s my little girl.” Will bent down and Sophie climbed off Colin’s lap and ran to him, throwing her arms around his neck. He scooped her up and held her close, nodding to Ed and Colin with a warm smile.
“I’m not little,” she insisted, waggling several fingers in Will’s face. “I’m nearly four.”
“That’s right,” Blake agreed. “You’re a big girl, aren’t you?”
“I’ve got an idea,” Ed announced. “Why don’t you all go look at the baby, and when you’re done, we’ll follow you back to your ’ouse, pack an overnight bag for Sophie, and then she can come stay the night with me an’ her uncle Colin.”
Will’s brow knitted. “Why?”
Ed gave a patient sigh. “Because you’re both tired, and you could use a quiet night together. And tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, right? Why not spend some of it in peace and quiet? We can bring her back later, or bring her here for visiting time, whatever.”
“Won’t that spoil your plans for a romantic day?” Blake asked.
Colin snorted and stood up from the couch. “Romance? He’s bought a Dine In For Two meal from Marks & Spencer’s, and there’s a new DVD of the England vs Wales Rugby World Cup match from last year, already waiting on top of the DVD player.”
Will grinned. “Oh, be still my beating heart. Sounds like the honeymoon is over, guys.”
Ed did an eye roll and Colin laughed. “I do believe a wedding comes before a honeymoon, right? We might manage that, one of these days.”
Ed gave him a mock glare. “Shut it, you. It’s not like we’re in any ’urry, is it?”
Colin leaned across and kissed him on the mouth. “Absolutely.” He straightened and faced Will and Blake. “But we really don’t mind having Sophie for the night.” He gazed at the little girl in Will’s arms. “Do you want to come and sleep at our house tonight?”
Sophie’s face lit up. “Can Tigger sleep on my bed?”
Ed laughed. “Like that cat would sleep anywhere else when you’re around.” He peered at Blake. “See? No problem. And it’s not like we’d have to go miles out of our way to follow you, is it? You only live a mile down the road from us.”
Will kissed Blake on the lips. “Say yes, babe.” He leaned in closer and whispered, his breath tickling Blake’s ear. “And we can make love all… night… long.”
“You’re tired,” Blake remonstrated.
It was Will’s turn to do an eye roll. “Tired, maybe, but I’m not dead, and when was the last time we got the chance to…” He gave Sophie a glance before continuing. “Spend a night being as loud as we want,” he concluded.
Blake’s libido roared into life. “You’re on,” he informed Ed and Colin, before taking Will’s hand in his. “Now let’s go see our son.”
He led his husband, daughter and best friends out of the waiting room, his heart full of joy.
Our son.

“Goodnight, sweetheart.” Blake kissed the top of Sophie’s head. “Have you got Mr. Bunny?”
“Here he is!” she announced triumphantly, holding aloft the off-white soft rabbit whose fur was already starting to thin in several places. She looped her arms around Blake’s neck, still holding onto Mr. Bunny. “G’night, Papa.”
Blake breathed her in, the smell of soap, clean cotton and the faintest whiff of chocolate. He narrowed his eyes. “And what were you and Daddy doing in the kitchen just now?”
Sophie’s eyes were huge. “How did you know we were eating choc—” She clamped her hand over her mouth, blinking furiously.
“Sophie Elizabeth Davis!” Will put his hands on his hips and gave her a hard stare. “Did you just tell on me?” Before she could react, he kissed her cheek. “It’s all right, sweet pea. I’m sure Papa already knows we’ve found his chocolate stash.”
Sophie giggled as Blake let out a loud theatrical gasp.
From the front door, Ed laughed his head off. “Serves Papa right for not hiding it well enough.” He held out his hand. “Okay, Princess, time we got you to bed.”
Sophie did her customary pout. “Daddy lets me stay up late because I’m nearly four.”
Ed guffawed. “Yeah, nice try. That cute bottom lip may work on your daddies but it doesn’t work on me an’ Uncle Colin.”
“You speak for yourself,” Colin murmured beside him. “I was all for letting her watch some cartoons before bed.”
Ed gave him a warning glare but it was too late. Sophie clapped her hands together and all but bounced across the hall carpet into Colin’s arms.
Blake shook his head. “Nice one, Uncle Ed.” Their daughter gave them a cheery wave as Colin carried her out to the car.
“Sorry, guys.” Ed looked crestfallen.
Will grinned. “We’ll just refuse to feel sorry for you tomorrow when you tell us how long it took the pair of you to get her into bed.” When Ed continued to stare at them, Will laughed. “Oh, come on, you’ve babysat for us before. You can’t act all surprised now.” He copied Sophie’s cheery wave. “Good night, Uncle Ed.
Ed turned and walked out of the house, mumbling under his breath about last time he’d attempt to do something nice for them.
The door closed, and Blake listened to the sound of the car pulling out of the driveway. He sighed when Will slipped his arms around his waist and rested his chin on Blake’s shoulder.
“I suppose we need to start thinking of names,” Will said before kissing Blake’s ear.
A shiver ran through him. “Now? Do we have to do it now?
Will chuckled and kissed a trail down Blake’s neck. “Well, I did have a few other activities in mind.” He rubbed Blake’s belly in a leisurely circle. “Dinner, for one thing.”
Blake was about to complain when his stomach growled.
“See?” Will kissed his cheek. “Light the fire and I’ll bring us in something to eat on the couch. Nothing too heavy. I have plans for you later.” He patted Blake’s arse and left him to go into the kitchen.
Blake set about his task, his dick growing stiff at the thought of Will’s plans. He lit the gas fire, watching the flames grow higher as he set it to the required level. When the thought struck him, he couldn’t hold it in.
“Do you ever regret our decision to have kids?”
A moment later Will was at the lounge door, staring at him, his forehead furrowed. “Is that a serious question?”
Blake sat back on his haunches on the rug. “Colin got me thinking, that’s all.”
“What—not wanting kids because it could ruin their sex life?” Will gave a short laugh. “You make it sound like we never get to fuck.”
“Not as much as we did before Sophie arrived.”
“And that bothers you?” Will came into the room and sat on the arm of the couch. He folded his arms. “Come on, Blake, out with it.”
Blake met his husband’s gaze. “Okay then. There are times when I miss us—being able to spend a day making love if we wanted to, not caring if we made a lot of noise, no matter what room we chose to fuck in—but as for regretting that little girl being in our lives? Never.
“You want to know what I think?” Will smiled. “I think it makes those times that we do get alone, even more precious. Remember when we bought this house, and Sophie went to stay with Lizzie and Dave for a week while we sorted it out?” His smile widened. “I think we christened every room.”
Blake grew warm at the memories. “Not to mention the garden.” Then he shivered. “Even if I did freeze my arse off. I mean, who makes love outdoors in December, for God’s sake?”
Will rolled his eyes. “You were in the hot tub, babe. I hardly think that counts as the great outdoors.”
Blake huffed. “There were bits of me that felt the chill, I seem to recall.”
Will got off the arm of the couch and strolled over to where he knelt. He bent low to kiss Blake on the mouth, the kiss deliberate and sensual. “Then maybe we should make the most of tonight. Because very soon, life will change for both of us.”
“What did you have in mind?” Blake murmured against his lips.
“I was thinking some dinner, a shower together, and then the pair of us on the couch. At least we can start there.” Will grinned. “What do you say?”
Blake pointed toward the kitchen. “Get in there and rustle up something to eat. Time’s a-wastin’.”
Will laughed as he headed back into the kitchen. “Yes, sir.”
“How many hours do you think we have?” Blake called out.
“No idea, and I don’t care, as long as we spend as many of them as possible naked,” Will called back.
Blake could get behind that plan.

Will strolled into the bedroom just in time to catch Blake staring at his naked reflection in the wardrobe mirror door as he finished drying off from his shower. Will grinned. “Well, I wouldn’t throw that body out of my bed, that’s for sure.”
Blake turned his head and narrowed his gaze. “You’d better not. I know people.” He dropped his towel onto the carpet.
Will gave a theatrical gasp. “Did you just threaten me?”
Blake gave a slow nod. “So play nice and maybe I won’t make a couple of phone calls.”
Will chuckled and crossed the room to stand behind his husband. He regarded Blake’s reflection, reaching around him to leisurely stroke his chest and belly, deliberately ignoring his dick. “That is one sexy man.” He kissed Blake’s neck, loving the current that rippled through his lover’s body. Will played with Blake’s nipples, delighting in the shivers he created. Blake’s gaze was riveted onto his reflection.
Will licked a trail up his neck and caught Blake’s earlobe in his teeth. He tugged gently on it, while he tweaked the stiffening nubs. “Yeah, you like watching us in the mirror, don’t you?” He grabbed hold of Blake’s hair and jerked his head back so Blake was staring at them both. “Look at this sexy body.” With his other hand he caressed Blake’s taut belly. “It’s been more than ten years, and yet you’re still as lean and hard as you were the night of your thirtieth birthday.”
Blake chuckled. “Oh, I don’t know about that. Gravity and age will have their way eventually.”
Will kissed his neck, knowing all too well how much it turned Blake on. “Yes, but you take care of yourself.” Blake put his head back against Will’s shoulder, a low moan escaping him as Will pinched his nipples harder now. Will whispered into his ear. “I haven’t forgotten how much you love it when I take charge.” He ground his hard cock against Blake’s arse, his own breathing matching Blake’s when Blake pushed back, arms reaching back to stroke Will’s sides. “Watch. Watch my hands stroking your body. Watch how your cock rises, how it’s already showing precome.”
“That surprises you?” Blake gasped, hips slowly rotating as he tried to hold Will steady while he rubbed his arse against Will’s hot shaft.
Will slid his hands lower to stroke the tops of Blake’s thighs. “Look. See how beautiful you are? See these gorgeous thighs? Know what I’m going to do? I’m going to spread them and fuck you, deep and slow and hard.”
A loud groan rolled out of Blake. “Fuck, yeah. Want that.”
Will traced over the warm skin to grab Blake’s arse, squeezing the firm globes and pulling them apart. “This is mine tonight.”
Shudders coursed through Blake. “Yes. God, yes. It’s all for you.”
Will pressed his erect dick between Blake’s arse cheeks and rocked his hips, his shaft sliding through the hot crease while he listened to the noises pouring from Blake’s lips that spoke of need, desire and pleasure. He loved that they were both versatile, but he also knew how much Blake loved it when Will took a more dominant role. There was a reason their four poster bed had steel rings fitted to the posts, after all.
He grabbed Blake around the throat and jerked his head back to kiss his neck, this time sucking on the fragrant skin there, knowing he was going to leave a mark. My mark on him. Fuck, that turned him on.
“Touch me,” Blake whispered.
Will chuckled against his neck. “I am touching you.
A low growl rumbled out of him. “You know what I mean, you bastard. Touch my cock.”
Will tut-tutted. “My my, such language. I’m glad you don’t use that filthy mouth when our daughter is around.” He rubbed Blake’s belly in strong, slow circles, still avoiding his dick that curved up, solid and delicious-looking.
Blake inclined his head and kissed Will’s neck, murmuring between kisses. “Please, Will. Please. Touch me.”
Will slid one hand down over that firm torso and grasped Blake’s cock around its base while he wrapped his arm over Blake’s shoulder to hold him across his chest. “You’re hard, Mr. Davis, and it’s turning me on. Fuck, I want to be inside you so badly right now.”
“Want that,” Blake whispered. “Want your dick in my arse.”
Will began to pull faster on Blake’s cock. “Look at this beautiful cock.” Blake’s low cries and moans were music to his ears. He pushed Blake roughly until he was up against the mirror, and then Will used his feet to nudge Blake’s legs apart. He got down on his knees, spread that gorgeous arse and pressed his face between the hair-covered cheeks to lick the tight pucker he knew awaited him.
Blake’s reaction was almost instantaneous. He pushed back, tilting his arse, his hands flat to the mirror. “Fuck, yeah. More.”
Will chuckled and set about his task of driving Blake out of his freaking mind.
It didn’t take long. Less a couple of minutes of tongue-fucking and Blake was begging.
“Please, Will. Now. Please. Please!
Not that Will wanted to delay the inevitable. He tugged Blake toward the couch at the foot of their bed and sat down. “Come on. Ride me.” Ordinarily he wanted Blake’s talented mouth on his dick but they were both too close. He wanted to shoot his load inside Blake. Will held his cock steady while Blake sought the lube from a nearby drawer. Will was vibrating with need.
Blake slicked up his dick and then sat astride him, guiding Will’s shaft into position. He sank down onto the hot, bare dick and both of them groaned. No sooner was Will buried inside that tight channel than Blake began to bounce on his cock, his hands holding onto the back of the couch.
“You are so beautiful,” Will gasped out as Blake rode him hard and fast, impaling himself over and over again. He shoved up into Blake’s heat and fucked him, Blake meeting his thrusts with loud cries and groans as he begged Will to fuck him, to fucking take him.
“That’s it, babe,” Will cried out, thrusting up into him. “Let me hear you.”
Blake moaned and placing his hands on Will’s chest, he bent down to kiss him, their mouths meeting in a heated collision, both of them feeding each other their sighs and groans of pleasure.
“Fuck, I’m so close,” Blake gasped out.
“Not yet,” Will flung back at him. “I don’t want you coming yet.” He wrapped his arms around Blake and pulled him down into a lingering kiss, Blake rocking slowly on his shaft, feeding him sounds of urgent need. Will cupped Blake’s chin and locked gazes with him. “On your back, babe.”
Blake nodded and eased himself off Will’s shaft. He lay down on the couch and pulled his legs up toward his chest, exposing his glistening hole. Will knelt before him, spread him wide and thrust all the way into him, shoving him back against the seat cushions. He snapped his hips and fucked Blake, his body slamming up against Blake’s arse, his hand wrapped around Blake’s cock, hand and dick keeping pace with each other.
“Oh, yeah, like that,” Blake yelled, clutching his knees, almost bent double as Will’s thrusts increased in speed and force. Their cries grew loud and harsh, and within minutes Blake’s dick erupted over his chest. He shuddered, his body jolted, and the tightening muscles around Will’s cock were enough to have him filling Blake’s arse with his come. Will leaned in and kissed Blake, his breathing ragged, his heartbeat pounding, his dick still wedged inside his husband.
Blake held Will’s face in his hands. “Ten years on, and you still rock my world.”
Will kissed him, unwilling to pull out and break their connection. He chuckled. “Ten years on, and my knees are complaining about carpet burn.”
Blake cackled. “Do I need to order some knee pads?”
Will snorted. “I’m not that old.” Carefully, he pulled his softened cock free of Blake’s body. “And if you get come on this couch, you’ll be the one cleaning it.”
Blake burst into laughter. “Oh, really feeling the love here.”
Will kissed him again, this time slow and sweet. “How fast can you get it up again? Because the night isn’t over yet.”
Blake grinned. “If my incentive is that beautiful arse of yours, then a lot less time than you might think.”
If the twitch Will’s dick gave at that was anything to go by, it was going to be a long, long night.
He was really going to owe Ed and Colin, big time.

Coming Soon.
Personal Challenges
Will and Blake couldn’t be happier. They have a beautiful little boy, Nathan, and Sophie finally has the little brother she’s been demanding. But all is not bliss in the Davis household. Coping with reality is going to change all their lives.
Rick and Angelo are sick and tired of trying to get a wedding organized. If it was up to them, they’d be married already, but Rick’s mother has plans and they keep getting bigger. Angelo can see problems on the horizon: big, traditional Italian wedding and gay do not go well together. Something’s got to give.
Colin receives an unexpected call from an ex, with bad news. He feels compelled to help, regardless of the consequences. Ed loves Colin’s big heart and supports him in his efforts, but when the truth comes out, he finds it difficult to keep a lid on his emotions.
As the coming months unfold, the friends are going to need each other more than ever.