Monday, 16 January 2017

That's it. All of them. Finally.

Now I really know it's the end.
The last Collars & Cuffs book to be produced as an audio book, has finally made it onto the shelves.

For weeks, Parker Williams and I have been inundated with messages from readers, all wanting to know the same thing:
"Why isn't there an audio book for Dom of Ages? Have we missed it?"

For some reason, #7 got... forgotten. When Endings & Beginning came out, with a change of narrator in Joel Leslie, it occurred to us that somehow Dom of Ages had been missed in the changeover. So when Dreamspinner approached Joel, he was delighted.

I got the new this evening when he posted on Facebook - I could hear the excited squeal from over here in the UK!
So that's it. All eight books are now available in audio, and the series is finally at an end.

And in case you missed them, or you're new to the Collars & Cuffs world, here are all of them, together at last...

An Unlocked Heart:                       Audible US         Audible UK

Trusting Thomas:                           Audible US         Audible UK

Someone to Keep Me:                    Audible US         Audible UK

A Dance With Domination:          Audible US          Audible UK

Damian's Discipline:                     Audible US         Audible UK

Make Me Soar:                              Audible US         Audible UK

Dom of Ages NEW                      Audible US           Audible UK

Endings & Beginnings:                Audible US           Audible UK

Of course, it isn't really the END end. You'll meet Eli & Jarod in our new BDSM series, Secrets. The first book, Before You Break, will be out in May, and we hope to provide you with a whole new set of men to fall in love with.

Thank you for being a part of the Collars & Cuffs journey. We hope our boys will stay with you for a long time to come.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

COMPETITION TIME! Making it Personal now in Audio!

I have FIVE copies of Making it Personal to give away!
This was only released just before Christmas, and I'm really pleased with the narration.
I have codes both for and
To win a copy, simply answer this question...
What gives away Blake and Will's relationship to Blake's would-be girlfriend, Melissa?
Five winners will be announced on Wednesday 11th January!

The Book

Blake Davis is in the closet. And he’s going to stay that way. Because if his father finds out he’s gay, Blake could lose everything he’s worked so hard to achieve during the last six years as CEO of Trinity Publishing, the fastest rising star in the publishing firmament. Not that coming out wouldn’t solve a couple of problems. Maybe then his father would stop trying to set him up with yet another empty-headed, social-climbing girlfriend. And better still, Blake could stop using that escort agency when he wants a night of hot sex with a cute guy…

Will Parkinson has had a tough life so far, but he’s back on his feet. Okay, so he’s working as an escort – with ‘benefits’– to pay off his student loans, but that does have its advantages, such as the really hot guy who hired him. Yeah, Blake rocked his world last night – several  times. So imagine how Will feels when he arrives to be interviewed for his dream job as PA in a publishing company, and the guy who’s hiring is….. Blake.

And then things get really complicated….

The Series

e-book and paperback                         Buy links
Book 1     Making it Personal          Amazon US       Amazon UK       Payhip           
Book 2     Personal Change            Amazon US       Amazon UK       Payhip
Book 3     Personal Secrets            Amazon US       Amazon UK       Payhip

The short stories   Personal Tales    Amazon US       Amazon UK       Payhip

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

2017 - and writing plans!

Every couple of months I have a Skype chat with Lynn West from Dreamspinner Press. The subject of conversation? What I'm writing next for Dreamspinner.
But then there are also my self published books...

So I thought I'd let you in what what I'm planning, though I should add at this point - my plans tend not to be written in stone but on an Etch-A-Sketch! In other words - subject to change!!

This month I'm working on a Dreamspun Desires title, and all I'm going to tell you is... Beauty and the Beast. (I know, already there are some of you out there thinking about singing teapots and dancing candlesticks, right?)
I'll be working on another Dreamspun later in the year, a tale of BFF.

In between, I have a story to two ex-army buddies who meet up after 20 years. I've even written a sort of blurb to give you an idea of that one..
Dale and Terry served together in the military. They watched out for each other, even saved each other's necks a few times. They were like brothers. Except when they got out, real life got in the way and it's been twenty years since Dale and Terry parted company.
Terry's son is the only positive thing he has to show for the last twenty years - three failed marriages have left him resigned to being a bachelor. The one constant in his life? His memories of his army buddy. Not a day goes by when he doesn't remember his pal Dale.
Dale has finally tracked Terry down. For nearly a week, he's sat in his car, trying to summon up the nerve to go knock on Terry's door. He has so much to tell his old pal, about his failed marriage, his twin children - and the fact that he came out. Only one thing keeps Dale going - his hopes.
God, he hopes for so much. Now if he can only get out of the goddamn car and go knock on that door...

I'll be working on Secrets #2 with Parker Williams this year, and you may get a surprise when you learn who one of the main characters is...

For my self published titles, I have three things I'd like to accomplish before the year is out.
The fifth Lightning Tale, is all about Kaden, the bartender from Trust Me and Love Me. (I can hear all those readers who were going, "KA-DEN! KA-DEN! KA-DEN!" back when Love Me came out... LOL)
Secondly, it's about time I wrote my first ever thriller. I first had this idea in the summer of 2014, and yes, I need to write Fatal Designs.

Eight year old Carl Denniger Jr stands at his father's graveside, while his mom falls apart and everyone takes about police and drugs and guns. Daddy wasn't a bad man and what people are saying? Just isn't true.

Seventeen years later, Carl Jr is now Travis, taken from the US by his grandparents to give him a new life. At the age of twenty-five, he is one of the UK's most sought-after and innovative garden designers. When Benjamin Driscoll wants Travis to design a series of gardens for his sprawling country estate, Travis likes what he sees - both the job and the man. Ben is forty-four, very attractive, and if Travis's gaydar is working, he likes men. As the gardens take shape, so does their relationship.

Until the day Travis hears from his 'uncle' James, his late father's partner. James has kept in touch, and when he sees a photo of Ben, he makes a startling statement. Ben looks like Matt, the third partner in their business - Matt, who disappeared when his father died. And when James does some unconventional digging, what he finds shocks Travis to the core. The bullet that killed his father was not police issue. Someone else killed Carl, and all the evidence points to Ben / Matt.
Travis has to know - is he sharing a bed with his father's murderer?

And finally...
There's the fourth Island Tale, Uncharted Waters. The cover is all done, and no, I'm not sharing that yet. Let's just say some of you *might* recognize one of the models...

Jake and Finn Torrance have only recently moved to the island. Jake's a photographer setting up his new business, while Finn is a computer software designer who knows Sam. When Sam gets them an invite to a party, not long after they've moved to the quaint little village of Niton, they jump at the chance. A party means men, new toys to play with... Jake and Finn love to play, but only when they're together, and when they're done, the toys go back into the box and the married couple get on with their lives - until the next new shiny toy appears...
When Jake spots the cute man chatting with Taylor, the host, he can't resist flirting with him. The fact that Eric is straight isn't about to stop him. And when his husband catches Jake in the act, he has to agree Eric is definitely their type. But Finn advises Jake to leave him alone: it's obvious Eric doesn't want to play.
A few hours - and a lot of alcohol - later, Eric finds himself in an unexpected predicament when two guys come on to him. The kiss that follows blows his mind.
Eric's world is about to be turned upside-down.

So, there you have it, a taste of what's (hopefully) to come this year.

Another way to find my books...

I'm not going to mention That Site.
I'm just going to say that as of now, I'll be making my books available via Payhip.
To start off with, the three Personal series novels and the Island Tales series are available here. And look out for an e-book coming soon, Personal Tales - it's the two shorts, More than Personal and Strictly Personal, in one volume.

Right now I'm working on the final book in the Personal series, so if you haven't read them and want to catch up, here's a good way to do it! For the next seven days, all the books are on offer - 
30% off!
To take advantage of this offer, visit my Payhip page...

It's so simple!
Choose your book and add it to your cart. If you want more than one, return to the main page and add some more. When you're done, click on apply coupon code and enter SPECIALOFFER (upper case no spaces) into the box and click apply, and you'll get the 30% discount.

I've had some questions from readers, so maybe sharing what I told them will help answer any questions you might have.

Do I need a Paypal account to buy via Payhip?
No. Although the payments are processed by Paypal, you don’t need an account. There is an option to just pay with a debit or credit card.
Why are your prices in GBP?
My prices are in GBP because I’m in the UK, and using GBP as my currency means I don’t get stung for currency conversion fees by Paypal. My prices on Payhip are equivalent to the list price on other retailers.
Do I have to be in the UK to place an order?
No. You can order from anywhere in the world, Paypal will automatically convert the currency for you.