Friday, 2 February 2018

A free short - but you may need tissues... and NSFW

Back in December 2012, I wrote a thousand word post for a Dreamspinner newsletter. I came across it yesterday, and thought I'd share it. Of course, I couldn't resist tweaking it a little, and added nearly three hundred words in the process...

Surrendering Sam

Kevin opened his eyes slowly as the mattress dipped. What the fuck...? He rolled over and found himself staring into Sam’s clear green eyes, gazing back at him warmly. Sam’s tousled blond curls, unruly as always, were pressed into the pillow beside him as Sam stared at him, a slight smile playing about his lips.
Kevin let out a yelp, his body stiffening uncontrollably, even as his heartbeat began to race.
“What... what are you... ?” Anything else he’d wanted to say escaped him, as Sam cut off his words with a fierce kiss, his arms reaching around Kevin to pull him tight against that lean, lanky body, Kevin unable to prevent the heartfelt groan which rolled out into the stillness of the silent room. Sam’s tongue teased the seam of his lips until Kevin opened for him, eagerly accepting the welcome intrusion. Sam’s low moan of appreciation reverberated through him, and yet somehow Kevin found the strength of will to pull back slightly, his eyes wide as he gazed at his husband, unable to look away.
“I-I don’t understand,” Kevin stammered out, feverishly drinking in the view before him. “How did you....” He shook his head, forcing himself to squeeze his eyes tight shut for a second. Slowly he opened them once more: Sam’s eyes danced with amusement. Kevin stared at him in amazement. “You’re really here?”
Sam’s customary wide grin grew even wider as he took hold of Kevin’s hand and brought it, leisurely but inexorably, down to his thick cock which was already hard.
“Believe I’m here now?”  Sam’s voice was hushed as he wrapped Kevin’s hand around his length, pushing his hips so that the shaft slid through the tunnel of his fist. Kevin moaned softly to feel Sam’s silken dick glide fluidly through his fingers. Fuck, it had been so long...
Sam groaned. “Oh baby, fuck, I’ve missed this!” He pushed Kevin impatiently onto his back, pulling his cock free of his husband’s eager grasp. Then he rolled on top of him, and their lips met in a frenzied kiss. Kevin inhaled deeply, breathing him in. It really was Sam: the smell of his favorite shampoo still clung to his curls, and when Kevin buried his face in Sam’s neck, there it was, that familiar musky scent, the one that always filled his sense.
He’d missed that so much.  
Kevin reached up and cupped Sam’s cheek. “I still don’t understand how you’re‒”
Sam laid a gently finger against his lips. “Shh. Let’s not waste time, all right?” He shifted down Kevin’s body, and Kevin arched up off the bed when his cock was surrounded by wet heat. He cupped Sam’s head, holding him there lightly while Sam took him deep, until he was unable to hold back any longer. He thrust in and out, hips rolling, and Sam took everything he had to give, moaning around his thick shaft.
Sam pulled free, and rubbed his hand unhurriedly over Kevin’s chest, his nipples growing taut as fingers whispered over them. Sam moved lower, kissing his belly, circling Kevin’s navel with his tongue, before licking a trail down to his pubes. He brushed his fingers softly past Kevin’s balls to stroke the delicate skin there, one single finger circling his hole, pressing eagerly against it.
Kevin needed no second invitation.
Stretching away for a second, he reached into the bedside drawer for the lube, forgotten these last few weeks. He snapped the lid open, then dripped the viscous liquid down over his balls, to where impatient fingers slid through the silky fluid, before sinking deeply into Kevin’s body.
A loud groan was torn from Kevin as his husband stroked deep into him, making him ready. Kevin pulled Sam down into another fervent kiss, drawing up his long legs to wrap them around his husband’s waist, his ankles crossing at the small of Sam’s back.
“Now, love, fuck me now,” he demanded, reaching for Sam’s cock and slicking it with the remnants of lube which coated his hole, guiding him, his body eagerly awaiting the invasion. Sam let out a long, lingering groan as he slowly pushed into him, his cock filling him, stretching him, until all Kevin knew was Sam. 
“Oh fuck, yes!” Sam thrust deeply into him, punching the air from his lungs, and for a moment, the burn took Kevin’s breath away. He forced himself to relax, pulling Sam down against his body, their lips meeting once more in a hungry kiss, which became one in a long line of kisses as Sam proceeded to fuck him, hips bucking wildly, his rhythm awkward at first. But soon their bodies remembered as they slipped into their long-established rhythm, Kevin pushing up to meet Sam’s thrusts, no passive lover but his equal in passion, as both men strived for their mutual climax.
“Oh God, I love you so much!” Kevin cried out as he felt his orgasm approach, his body tightening around Sam’s cock. Trapped between their bodies, his dick erupted, covering them both. Sam pushed out a loud groan as he pulsed heat into Kevin’s willing body, pushing him over the edge into oblivion, tumbling, crying out in ecstasy as he came. Sam’s cries mingled with his, his lips meeting Kevin’s in a fiercely possessive kiss, the two men unwilling to let go of each other, even for a second as Kevin’s body held Sam prisoner within him.
“Love you, baby.” Sam whispered into his ear as their bodies pressed against each other, slick with perspiration, still deep inside him. He lay stretched out on top of Kevin, his slight weight a welcome burden. Kevin reached up to run his fingers gently through the unruly curls, his eyes wide with wonder.
“I still can’t believe...” His words died away as Sam’s mouth fastened on his, Sam’s lips soft and warm.
Sam murmured into his mouth. “Sleep, baby.” The lassitude which flowed through Kevin’s body suddenly pulled him towards sleep, and Kevin fought it, not wanting to let go, for fear of losing him. But his eyelids grew heavy, and he sank into the welcoming embrace of sleep, the feel of Sam’s lips upon his a lingering memory as he slipped deeper and deeper into its velvety depths...

The sound of the curtains being drawn roused Kevin from his slumber. He stretched in the bed, arms above his head, as he turned toward the window. His mother was standing there, her expression careful.
“Morning, sweetheart,” she said, reaching for the cup of tea that she’d placed on the dresser behind her. “It’s already ten. Everyone’s here.” Those grey eyes rested on him, and Kevin noted, not for the first time, that she seemed weary. He sat up in bed and took the cup, careful not to spill its contents over the soft cream sheets that covered the bed. They were Sam’s favourite bed linen, a present when they’d gotten married.
“How come you let me sleep?” he demanded to know, wiping at his eyes and stifling a yawn. For the first time in a while, he actually felt rested, at peace.
Her gaze came to rest on him once more. She indicated the window with a brief nod of her head. “Sam’s here.”
And with that, the feeling left him. Silently, he climbed out of bed and made his way slowly to the window. He looked down as the men below carefully slid the coffin that contained his husband onto the waiting trolley, ready to bring him into the house, to where his family and their friends were waiting for him.
He turned to his mother, his expression calm.

“It’s okay, Mum,” he said with a gentle smile. “I’ll be downstairs in a moment to say goodbye.”