Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Giveaway Time!

Personal Secrets has been out now for just over two weeks, and I feel a giveaway coming on!
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And just to put you in the mood, here's a little extract....


“Look, you must do what you think is best,” Colin said in as calm a voice as he could muster. Ed lay on his back next to him in bed, Colin stroking Ed’s chest with slow, gentle movements.
Inside he didn’t feel calm. Anything but.
He wanted to yell. Scream. Chain Ed to the bed and keep him there.
Okay, so that last thought was a bit drastic, but he didn’t see how their relationship could survive if Ed moved back home. And especially if it turned out she wasn’t receptive to having a gay son.
Yeah, that could be the kiss of death for them as a couple right there….
And he couldn’t say any of this. It had to be Ed’s decision.
Ed let out a sigh. “God, I ’ate this.”
“I know,” he said sympathetically. “Maybe talking it over with your brother and sisters is the only way forward.” That was as far as he was willing to go, in terms of advice.
Ed stared at him for a moment, eyes so grave that they tore at Colin’s heart. What came next out of Ed’s lips sent that heart soaring.
“Make love to me.”
Colin’s breath caught in his throat. He gazed at this big, strong man who’d had no qualms about fucking a guy but who’d struggled with the notion that he could care for another man. Ed’s words stirred something deep inside him—hope.
“Yes.” It was all the reply that was needed.
Colin reached under his pillow for the lube he knew would be there, and then opened the drawer to take out a condom. All the while, Ed’s gaze never moved away from him, his hand moving slowly over his stiffening cock. Colin slicked up two fingers and trailed them down over Ed’s balls, loving the way Ed’s erect dick twitched when Colin reached his hole. Colin bent down and took Ed’s mouth in a sensual, slow kiss, while he pressed inside Ed’s body, his fingers sucked in. Ed let out a low moan and slid his tongue into Colin’s mouth, hips pushing up as he rode those fingers. When Colin couldn’t wait a moment longer, he gloved up, ran a lube-slicked hand over his aching cock and then lifted Ed’s legs to rest against his shoulders.
Colin kept his eyes fixed on Ed as he eased his length into hot, sweet heat. Ed’s groan rolled out of him as Colin filled him to the hilt. He held onto the furred, muscled thighs and began to rock into Ed, hips rolling.
“Feels so good inside you,” Colin said, the words a whispered confession in the quiet of his bedroom. He rotated his hips, loving the gasp that burst from Ed’s lips. “Like that?”
“Fuck, yeah.” Ed’s breathing quickened. “Fuck, how that feels….”
“I know.” God, he knew. Colin had never felt such a strong connection to a lover. Maybe it was because their relationship was already becoming more than physical.
Colin wasn’t one to say I love you in the heat of sex. But right then, deep inside the man he had lusted after for so long, for the first time he ached to say the words.
“Col, go slow, okay?” Ed gasped out. “Make…make it last.”
Colin moved Ed’s legs to wrap around his waist and then lowered his body to cover Ed’s, keeping the movement of his hips languid as he slid in and out of Ed’s channel, the love-making slow, sweet and so very sensual. “How’s that?”
“Oh God, that’s perfect,” Ed sighed, arms coming up to hold Colin, hands stroking up and down his back. His thighs tightened around Colin, heels pressing into his buttocks as Ed propelled Colin deeper into him. “Oh fuuuuck……”
Colin maintained the pace, hand slipping between their bodies to stroke Ed’s cock which rubbed against his abs. There was no hurry, only a leisurely pace that kept them both on the edge without letting them tumble over it.

And when they finally fell, it was with soft cries and moans, clinging to each other as each man rode out his orgasm, breathless and ultimately sated.


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