Sunday, 17 January 2016

The other side of K.C. Wells...

A while back, I had an idea.
(Yeah, I get a lot of them, but this one was a little different.)
I had an idea for a novel, and when I shared it with a good friend, what came back was an email with all his thoughts on the subject.
I quickly realized this wasn't merely a novel - this was an entire series!
The series would be called Leather, only it was nothing like Collars & Cuffs. No, this was grittier, hotter, more SM than the safe world of BDSM that lies within the walls of Collars & Cuffs. The emphasis wouldn't be on romance, but on the world of leathermen.
It's all the fault of John Preston and his amazing book, Mr. Benson. That's what got me thinking about the new series in the first place. Except that brought with it a problem.
I really wasn't happy about writing it under the name K.C. Wells, because it would be that different.

And so Tantalus was born.
I wrote one short story, Summer Heat, as Tantalus, and let a few people in on the secret. I intended to write the sequel soon after, but then other books got in the way, and I didn't release After until last week.
Only in the meantime, there had been a whole slew of authors revealing that they were not who people thought they were. Now, I hadn't once claimed that Tantalus was a gay man. In fact, I hadn't said anything about Tantalus's gender at all. But yeah, I got to thinking...

Yesterday I met up with a small group of MM authors and readers, and I told them all about Tantalus. I wanted their advice on a very pertinent question: should I come clean? Should Tantalus 'come out', as it were?
They were really helpful, and after discussing it for a while, I made the decision to tell you all.
And now I have no idea why I was so worried!
The response has been very positive. One author said, "About damned time!"

So that's it. *grins* I still plan to write the Leather series - in fact I was thinking about that all morning - but I'm not sure when that will appear.

 You can find me here - if you so wish - and there are links to the two short stories. Once I'd written about Pete and his hunky, sexy neighbor Damon, I realized there's a story here too.
This is going to get interesting....


  1. So glad you're going to write about SM. I keep buying your Collars books, hoping each time for the full BDSM scene and it never happens. I hope you'll let K.C.Wells tell us when Tantalus releases a novel because I'll be first in line to buy it.