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First Birthday - an erotic short story about Mike and Tommy

First Birthday.
© K.C. Wells 2016

Okay, so Mike was sulking. But damn it, today was his birthday and he’d thought his fiancé would have planned something nice, but nooo. Tommy hadn’t even mentioned it. Mike had been subtle—obviously too subtle—and had left a conspicuous bright red circle around the date on the calendar in their kitchen. No hints, nothing. Okay, so it wasn’t like forty-four was a milestone or anything, but still…
He’d kept quiet about it the entire day, waiting to see what transpired. But with each passing hour he grew more despondent.
He’s forgotten. Fuck. When lunch came and went, and still nothing, Mike was truly in a funk. He’d done his best to carry on conversations like everything was normal—like hell it was—but he figured something in his voice or manner must have gotten through when Tommy had up and left, saying something about last minute grocery shopping for some ingredients for dinner. Mike had waited until he could no longer hear the car, and then he’d called Mom.
“Hey, I was going to call you tonight.” The sound of her voice lightened his mood. “Happy birthday, baby!”
Mike couldn’t hold back any longer. “But that’s just it, Mom. It isn’t a happy birthday.” He knew he sounded like a petulant teenager, but damn, it was his first birthday with Tommy, and he’d wanted it to be…special.
After a brief pause, Mom cleared her throat. “Okay, out with it. What’s going on?”
In a rush it all spilled out of him. Mom listened without saying a word. When he was done, she was silent. “You still there?” he joked half-heartedly.
“Baby, he’s young. He’s barely twenty. Kids that age have a mind like a sieve. You’ll see. When he remembers, he’ll be so mortified, he’ll probably make it up to you by going all out.”
“Am I expecting too much of him?” Mike was doing his best to make sure Tommy had enough time and space for his studying. Living with someone after so many years alone was taking some getting used to, but Mike felt things were going well. They’d adjusted to their new routine: Tommy commuted to college during the week, and at weekends they stayed with Mom while Mike worked at Woofs. Though that had brought its own… issues. Mike hadn’t realized how loud they were in bed, until that first morning when his mom had made a dry comment about investing in earplugs for future visits. Tommy’s face had been a picture…
“Sweetheart, just remember one thing, all right? Tommy loves you. Why, the love fairly shines outta that boy when he so much as looks at you.”
That shut him up. She had a point. Here he was, complaining about a stupid birthday, and yet he was lucky enough to have that beautiful man in his life, in his bed, in the home they were making together. “I guess I’m making too much of it,” he said quietly.
“It’s normal to expect our loved ones to remember things like birthdays and anniversaries. But this is the first one, right? I guarantee, if he sees how unhappy you are, he won’t forget again.”
Shit. Mike didn’t want that. “If he doesn’t mention it, I won’t say a word. Because this would really upset him.” Tommy had enough on his plate, what with his studies and missing his parents. Oh, he never said as much, but Mike wasn’t stupid. He knew Tommy had called his momma when it had been their wedding anniversary. Not that he’d gotten very far. It was obvious his daddy had answered, and he’d apparently cut off the call. Tommy had been silent all evening after that, and finally Mike had taken him to bed, cradling Tommy to him until he relaxed enough to fall asleep in Mike’s arms, his head on Mike’s chest.
“You know him best, baby. Just play it by ear.”
It was sound advice, he knew that. Then something occurred to him. “Wait a moment. I got nothing in the mail from you today. So where’s my birthday card from you?”
“Aww, shoot. I thought I’d mailed it in plenty of time. It should be there by tomorrow at the latest. I’m sorry. I guess your day can only get better, right?” She chuckled.
“That depends on what Tommy’s cooking us for dinner,” Mike replied darkly. “Until I know that, all bets are off.” He said goodbye and ended the call. It could only have been about fifteen minutes later that he heard the car crunching over the gravel driveway. In spite of his earlier mood, the fact that Tommy was home lifted his spirits.
The doorbell ringing was a surprise.
Mike walked toward the front door, smiling to himself. “Did you forget your key?” he called out as he pulled open the door. The sight of Tommy in a pair of sinfully tight jeans and a skin-tight blue T-shirt was enough to send a jolt to his dick, but the pizza box Tommy held was something of a mystery.
Before Mike could say a word, Tommy smiled. “I’ve got your pizza, Mister. That’ll be sixteen dollars.”
What. The. Fuck?
“Excuse me?” Mike stared in confusion.
Tommy stared right back. “Your pizza delivery? The one you ordered? And it’s still sixteen dollars.”
Okay, that was it. The world had gone mad—or at least his fiancé had. “What are you playing at?”
Tommy sighed, a heavy sound that rolled out of him. “You never had a guy deliver a pizza before?”
Then it hit him. Well fuck me for being a dumbass. How many times had Mike done the ‘cute pizza delivery guy gets pounded’ scene early on in his former career? Then it really hit home.
Tommy was acting out a role. Tommy had clearly seen such a video. Aw. How sweet is that? Then another thought occurred to him. Tommy knew exactly what he was doing, which could only mean…
Tommy was looking to get fucked.
Hoo boy. Mike started to grin. This was shaping up to be a great birthday after all.
He stepped aside and gestured toward the kitchen. “In there, please. Leave it on the counter.”
Tommy eased past him and walked into the kitchen, that firm ass looking deliciously tight in those jeans. There was something a little odd about his gait, however, but before Mike could say anything, Tommy put down the pizza and turned to face him.
“That’ll be sixteen dollars, thanks.” Tommy bit his lip, a habitual gesture that Mike knew only too well by now. His fiancé was uncertain how things were going to progress.
Mike knew exactly what was about to transpire, and he was aiming to enjoy every minute of it. He did a quick mental check as to the nearest supply of lube and realized there wasn’t any. Oh well. He’d have to improvise.
Mike folded his arms across his chest. “Uh uh. Before I pay for it, I want to know what’s on it.” He grinned. “So let’s talk toppings.” His cock stiffened in his jeans as he contemplated what was about to happen, and where. They hadn’t fucked on the kitchen table yet. About time we gave it a baptism.
Tommy opened his eyes wide. “Toppings?
Yeah, Mike was going to have some fun before he let Tommy know he was onto him. “Yup. Start talking.” Heat was spreading through him, more blood heading south to his dick.
Tommy swallowed. “Well, there’s ground beef and Italian sausage…”
Mike licked his lips. “My favorite toppings.”
“And then there’s peppers and mushrooms…”
“Oo, more favorite toppings.” Mike didn’t take his eyes off Tommy, noting the flush the crept up from beneath the neckline of his T-shirt.
“And finally there’s three different types of cheese,” Tommy said before drawing a breath.
“Boy, you have all my toppings.” Mike gave a sad smile. “That all sounds quite delicious. There’s only one problem.”
“There is?” Tommy appeared startled.
Mike nodded. “I don’t have sixteen dollars on me right now. So either you take the pizza back or…” He licked his lips once more, only this time he did it slowly. “I give you a few toppings of my own.” He unfolded his arms and slid his hands down his body to his crotch, making sure Tommy’s gaze followed them. He stroked the granite outline of his cock through his jeans.
Tommy’s breathing sped up. “I’m sure we can come to an… arrangement.”
“Oh, I’m positive we can.” Mike grinned. He moved closer until he could feel the heat rolling off Tommy’s magnificent body. Mike reached out and stroked Tommy’s thick biceps, making him shiver. “Starting with you showing me how well you can kiss.”
Tommy’s eyes shone and his lips parted. “I… I can do that.”
Mike couldn’t wait a second longer. He cradled Tommy’s head in his hands and kissed him on the lips, his tongue a heat-seeking missile as he plunged into that gorgeous mouth and devoured him in a brutal kiss. Tommy moaned, his own tongue battling with Mike’s, all hunger and lust. Mike backed Tommy up against the cabinet and rocked against him, letting Tommy feel just how fucking hard he was making Mike. Tommy’s low groan sent more heat racing through him, and when Tommy pushed back, making Mike aware of his own rock-hard length, Mike wasn’t prepared to wait any longer.
He broke the kiss, grabbed Tommy and pulled him over to the wide wooden table in the middle of the kitchen. Then he spun Tommy around until Tommy was falling forward, his arms outstretched to stop his descent. Mike took advantage of the situation to reach around to the front of Tommy’s jeans and unfasten them. Tommy’s breathing was harsh and loud in the quiet kitchen. Mike gripped the waistband of his jeans and pulled them down roughly over Tommy’s hips, revealing his bare ass.
Mike laughed. “You thought of everything.” He shove the jeans down to Tommy’s ankles and then straightened to run his fingers lightly over the firm globes of flesh, until they encountered…. Mike stilled, his fingers caressing the plastic snuggled between his cheeks. “Just how long have you had that butt plug in for?”
“A few hours,” Tommy panted. “I wanted… to be ready for you.”
“Aw, how thoughtful,” Mike said with a calm he didn’t feel. His body was vibrating with the need to be inside Tommy. He pulled open the nearest cabinet and grabbed the bottle he knew was there. Tommy twisted to watch and his eyes widened when he saw the olive oil. Mike chuckled. “You forgot the lube, however.”
Tommy shook his head. “Packet of lube…back pocket of my jeans,” he pushed out breathlessly as he tugged off his T-shirt and flung it aside.
“Perfect.” Mike knelt down to pull off Tommy’s tennis shoes and jeans, before delving into the pocket for his prize. Once he had it, he was back, grinding his solid cock against Tommy’s ass cheeks, pushing it into the crack. Tommy pushed back, spreading his legs wide, a low whimper escaping his lips. Mike put the packet on the table top and slid his arms around Tommy’s waist, shoving him until he was bent over the table. “Ready to get fucked?” he whispered.
“Lord, yes,” Tommy ground out. “C’mon, Mike, fuck me.”
His shy student was certainly coming out of his shell.
Mike groaned, removing his shirt which he dropped to the floor. “You know I fucking love it when you beg.” He shoved down his jeans and squirmed his way out of them, tore open the packet with trembling fingers and dumped a load of lube onto his rigid dick. With one hand he eased the butt plug from Tommy’s snug channel and with the other he guided his slick cock into position. Tommy moaned, a visible shiver coursing through his body. Mike waited, the mushroom head pressed up to that beautiful, tight, glistening pink pucker. He breathed deeply. “Reach back and spread your cheeks.”
Tommy did as instructed, and then all the breath left Mike’s lungs in a whoosh of air when Tommy pushed back, impaling himself on Mike’s thick shaft. “Oh, Mike, that’s so good.”
Oh my fucking God. It seemed like Tommy couldn’t wait for Mike to be inside him either.
The plug dropped from Mike’s hand to the floor. He grabbed hold of Tommy’s hips and slid nearly the whole way out of him, only to push back inside in one long thrust, filling him to the hilt. “Like that?”
“Y-yeah, just like that,” Tommy stammered, his back arching. “Fuck me, please. Hard.”
“You got it,” Mike growled, and proceeded to fuck his lover with long, deep thrusts, his body slapping against Tommy’s ass. The table inched its way across the floor with each thrust. The sensation of his bare dick gripped by hot, tight heaven was exquisite. “Love how it feels when I slide into you.”
“I l-love it too.” Tommy’s breathing hitched and he gulped in air. “Feels… feels better when you’re bare inside me.”
Mike had to agree. They’d waited for six months before ditching the condoms, but when the tests after that were still clear, they hadn’t hesitated. God, that first time… It had taken all Mike’s efforts not to come within minutes of entering Tommy.
He stared down to where his cock slid into Tommy’s tight ass, glistening with lube, thick and veiny, and knew it wouldn’t be long. “I love this view,” he said with a loud groan. “Watching me split your beautiful ass.” He started to pound harder, slamming into Tommy now, his ass cheeks rippling from the impact. Mike pulled Tommy back onto his shaft. “Come on, baby, fuck yourself on my cock.”
Tommy’s cry rent the air as he pushed down hard on Mike’s dick, burying it inside him. “Close,” he gasped.
“That’s it, babe, come on my cock. Let me feel it when you come.”
Tommy let go of his ass cheeks and tried to gain some purchase on the table top, but his fingers scrabbled against the wood. Mike grabbed his hands and pulled them to Tommy’s back, pinning his wrists and anchoring himself for the finale. Four deep, hard thrusts and Tommy was coming. Mike’s cock was held in a hot vice, Tommy’s channel rippling around his shaft, his body shaking. Mike let go of his arms and covered Tommy with his body, his own orgasm jolting through him as he shot his load deep inside his lover. They were both crying out, nonsensical babblings as both succumbed to their mutual climax. Mike slipped his arms around Tommy and held him close, feeling the tremors that shook him.
“Wow,” he said, his voice cracking on that one syllable. Little by little the tiny jolts of ecstasy dispersed, leaving them both breathing deeply. Mike waited until his heart rate was back to near normal before easing out of Tommy, who rolled onto his back with a groan, shifting farther onto the table, legs still spread, knees bent, feet flat to the table top. Mike crawled up onto the table between his legs and covered Tommy with his body, both of them damp with perspiration.
“Next time, we do this on a padded surface,” Tommy said, staring up into Mike’s eyes.
“There’s going to be a next time?” Mike could only hope.
Tommy grinned. “Wait until you find out what I have planned for the holidays.” He looped his arms around Mike’s neck and pulled him down into a soft, lingering kiss. “Happy birthday,” he sighed into Mike’s mouth.
Mike kissed him again, slowly and thoroughly, before peering into those striking green eyes he loved so much. “Admit it. You came up with this because you forgot my birthday.”
Tommy laughed. “Damn, I’m good. You really believed I’d forgotten?”
Mike propped himself up on his elbows and stared. “You mean, you didn’t?”
Tommy shook his head. “Uh uh. Your present is all nicely wrapped and waiting for you in the bedroom. Of course, you’ll have to find it first, but I’ll drop you some hints.” He waggled his eyebrows. “If you play your cards right.”
“Then what gave you the idea for this?” He gestured to the pizza box on the counter.
There was a moment’s pause. Tommy locked gazes with him. “I guess… I didn’t want you to get… bored.”
Mike knelt upright between Tommy’s legs, unable to tear his gaze away. “Bored? Why in God’s name would I be bored?” His gut clenched.
Tommy shifted against the table, chewing his bottom lip. “Aw, c’mon on, Mike. I know what your sex life used to be like. You were a porn star, for goodness, sake.”
Well fuck.
Mike climbed down off the table, held out his hand to Tommy and helped him to his feet. They stood there in the kitchen, naked as a jaybird, and Mike put his arms around Tommy. “You need to listen,” he said earnestly. “Nothing—and I mean nothing—I did on set, in twenty years, compares to what I feel when we make love. You got that?” He fixed him with a steely gaze. “I have never felt so connected to another man the way I feel when we’re together. It’s like you’re a part of me. I don’t want you ever to think that our sex life is boring, because I intend making love to you for a great many years to come, until I can’t get it up any more.” Tommy giggled and Mike smiled. “And then I’ll start taking the little blue pills, because, I, Mr. Newsome, am addicted to you. Of course, by then, you won’t be Mr. Newsome. You’ll be Mr. Scott.”
“I will?” Tommy’s voice was husky.
“Yes, you will,” Mike said decisively. “And I guarantee I’ll still be learning new things about you even then.” He pulled Tommy tight against him. “I love you, Tommy. You were made for me, baby, just like I was made for you.” He cupped the back of Tommy’s head and drew him closer until their lips brushed softly. The kiss was gentle, loving and just about perfect.
When they parted, Tommy sighed. “I love you too, Mike. Sorry.”
“Don’t be. Just think about all the fun we’ve had finding out that I am definitely not bored.” Mike grinned. “But I do have one important question.”
“What?” Tommy’s large green eyes were focused on him, his body still.
“Is there really a pizza in that box, and if so, does it really have all those toppings on it?”
Tommy laughed, the sound filling the kitchen. “Oh, I surely do love you. And to answer your question, yes, it’s like I described it.”
Mike let out a whoop. “Well, come on, then! What are we waiting for?” He let go of Tommy and picked up the pizza box. When he found Tommy staring at him, clearly perplexed, Mike grinned. “Pizza in bed, anyone? It is my birthday, after all.”
Tommy laughed and followed him out of the kitchen. “Sure, why not? After all, you’re the one who does the laundry.” He stopped Mike at the door with a kiss to his cheek. “And you’re the messiest eater too.” He darted ahead out of the reach of Mike’s hand and into the bedroom, still laughing.
Mike walked slowly, grinning to himself. We’ll see if he’s still laughing when his dick is covered in pizza sauce.

If this is the first time you've met Mike and Tommy, you can find their story here in First, from Dreamspinner Press, or here from



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