Monday, 16 January 2017

That's it. All of them. Finally.

Now I really know it's the end.
The last Collars & Cuffs book to be produced as an audio book, has finally made it onto the shelves.

For weeks, Parker Williams and I have been inundated with messages from readers, all wanting to know the same thing:
"Why isn't there an audio book for Dom of Ages? Have we missed it?"

For some reason, #7 got... forgotten. When Endings & Beginning came out, with a change of narrator in Joel Leslie, it occurred to us that somehow Dom of Ages had been missed in the changeover. So when Dreamspinner approached Joel, he was delighted.

I got the new this evening when he posted on Facebook - I could hear the excited squeal from over here in the UK!
So that's it. All eight books are now available in audio, and the series is finally at an end.

And in case you missed them, or you're new to the Collars & Cuffs world, here are all of them, together at last...

An Unlocked Heart:                       Audible US         Audible UK

Trusting Thomas:                           Audible US         Audible UK

Someone to Keep Me:                    Audible US         Audible UK

A Dance With Domination:          Audible US          Audible UK

Damian's Discipline:                     Audible US         Audible UK

Make Me Soar:                              Audible US         Audible UK

Dom of Ages NEW                      Audible US           Audible UK

Endings & Beginnings:                Audible US           Audible UK

Of course, it isn't really the END end. You'll meet Eli & Jarod in our new BDSM series, Secrets. The first book, Before You Break, will be out in May, and we hope to provide you with a whole new set of men to fall in love with.

Thank you for being a part of the Collars & Cuffs journey. We hope our boys will stay with you for a long time to come.

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