Wednesday, 19 April 2017

They don't speak for me

There's been a lot going down in the MM community lately.
And there it is. That word - Community.
It hasn't felt like a community. And why? Division. A lot of division.

It seems no sooner had one drama left us, than another raised its head, more ugly than its predecessor.
And suddenly, mission statements are appearing left, right and centre, from authors who want to make it clear that whatever has been said, they didn't agree with it.
Hence the title of this post.

All these authors who spoke out in numerous posts? And you KNOW the posts I mean. The ones that got us all angry, incensed, madder than hell...

And they certainly don't speak for me.

I'm an ally. What do I mean by that?
I support LGBTQ rights.
I share posts on everything that affects this community.
I'm not an American, but when the US administration proposes plans that will hurt my LGBTQ friends, you're damn straight I'll share resistance to it.

I've read some amazing posts this last week, from authors who wrote pieces that had me in tears.
All I could do was share, because the authors in question were the ones under attack, and they had every right to shout out their hurt / outrage / rage at what had been put out there.

One author put it very well. he said these dramas had proved useful, as a means of shedding so-called 'friends'. Because let's face it, you soon learn who you can rely on in a crisis, right?

So I'm not saying 'Let's calm down now. It's over. Let's get along.'
Because you know there will be another drama along soon enough.
What I am saying, is, let's stand together.

I was choosing swag to give out at various cons this year. One of them was chosen deliberately, because I felt it was never more apt.
What is it?
A rainbow keyring, with the words 'WE STAND TOGETHER' embossed on it, along with the Equality symbol.
And if you see me at EuroPride / ShiMMer / GRL / RT - ask me, and you can have one.


  1. They don't speak for me, either. I'll be asking for one of these at GRL, you can betcha, and a big hug. <3 U!!

  2. I'll be asking for one at GRL! It is a powerful statement!!Thanks!

  3. Thank you for this. Just thank you.