Sunday, 19 January 2014

So what's Ed up to...?

This seems to be a week of excerpts.
Personal Secrets is approaching completion, but I thought I'd give you a sneaky peek into what Ed, my lovely Cockney Bear, is up - especially as now you can see what he looks like...

So here's an excerpt where Colin takes Ed for a night away in Brighton, where they stay in a gay hotel with its own club in the basement...

“What do you think?” Colin asked him as they stood next to the bar.
Ed didn’t want to tell him what he really thought—that he felt out of place and uncomfortable as hell—so he pasted on a grin and gave him the thumbs up. He gazed at the dance floor where bodies gyrated under twirling lights, and where the average age looked to be in the late twenties. Okay, so he was only thirty-six, but watching the dancers made him feel every one of those years. Then there was the way they looked. None of the men he could see were even close to his build. He watched them move together sinuously, their movements fluid and sensual, and then he looked down at his body, meaty thighs crammed into his tight black jeans, muscles straining against his black cotton shirt. Ed felt about as graceful as a pig on roller skates.
Colin cracked a smile. “I think the first order of the evening is a drink. Maybe a couple of them.”
Ed thought that was a bloody good idea.
He stood and watched the floor show while Colin got the drinks. He gazed at the lean, young bodies, and for the first time since they’d got together, he wondered what Colin was doing with someone like him when he could have his pick of guys who looked like that.
“Here, drink this.” Colin handed him a shot glass. Two pints of lager stood on the bar.
Ed regarded the tiny glass with suspicion. “Whass’ this?”
Colin grinned. “J√§germeister, and trust me, you’ll like it.”
Ed raised his eyebrows, and then he lifted the glass to his lips and swallowed its contents. He let out a gasp. “That tastes strong,” he croaked.
Colin gave a nonchalant shrug. “Only about 70% proof,” he said lightly. Then he handed Ed the pint and raised his. “Cheers.”
Ed clinked his pint glass and took a long drink. He leaned against the bar and drank some more. Maybe I’ll feel less conspicuous after a pint or two. He had to admit, the shot produced a warming effect throughout his body. The music was heady, pulsing through him. Ed didn’t even notice that Colin had moved from his side until there he was, proffering another shot glass.
Ed grinned. “You’re tryin’ to get me pissed.” He leaned closer to speak into Colin’s ear. “You don’t ’ave to, right, ’cause you know you’re gonna get lucky tonight.” He winked salaciously and then tossed back the shot.
Colin chuckled. “Oh, I wasn’t thinking about tonight.” He took the empty glass from Ed, placed it on the bar and then took hold of his hand. “I wanted you nice and loose for this.” And then he pulled Ed toward the dance floor.
Ed felt like resisting for all of five seconds, but then the alcohol got the better of him. Colin led him out into the middle of the floor and began to move to the rhythm, his eyes fixed on Ed as he got closer, their bodies almost touching. More guys joined them, and pretty soon Ed began to feel the heat as men pressed in close around him.
Colin leaned closer to speak. “Getting warmer, isn’t it?” His eyes sparkled.
Ed nodded, and then the breath caught in his throat as Colin slowly unbuttoned his white silk shirt and slipped it seductively off his shoulders. Ed swallowed. The whole situation was getting him very hot, and not in a good way. He felt as though every eye in the room was trained on them. Colin tucked his shirt into the waistband at the back of his jeans. His movement grew more suggestive as he edged closer, undulating his body against Ed’s. He began to slide his fingers under the fabric of Ed’s shirt, undoing the buttons slowly.
Ed bit his lip. Colin’s blue eyes were focused on him as he licked his lips. He paused and tilted his head ever so slightly, as though questioning if he should continue. Ed took a deep breath and then nodded. Colin grinned, a slow, sexy grin that made the muscles in Ed’s abs go all quivery. Colin pushed the shirt off Ed’s wide shoulders, moving his hands sensually over the bared skin. He pulled Ed closer as he reached around to tug the shirt out from his jeans, and then removed it completely. Their chests came into contact, and Ed bit back a moan as Colin brushed deliberately against him as he tucked Ed’s shirt into his jeans.
And suddenly Ed was aware of what was going on around him.
Fuck. Are they starin’ at me?
It seemed as though all the guys pressed around them were eyeing him up, and from what he could see, a couple of them looked like they wanted to eat him up. Talk about hot glances. Ed didn’t know how to react to all the attention.
And then Colin made his move.
He put his hands on either side of Ed’s head, drew him close and kissed him, slowly, thoroughly. And oh my God, it was no chaste kiss. Colin took possession, pure and simple. He pushed his tongue between Ed’s lips, thrusting inside, fucking his mouth right there on the dance floor. And it was hot as hell.
When Colin broke the lip-lock and stepped back, grinning, Ed struggled to catch his breath.
“For fuck’s sake, Col, we’re in public ’ere.” Ed’s voice shook.
Colin leaned in. “Let’s call it me staking my claim.”
Ed stared at him for a moment and then burst out laughing. “Bloody ’ell, you don’t do things by ’alves, do ya?” A feeling of well-being flowed through him, and he pushed aside his nerves and just let go.
From that point, things just got better. They danced, they drank some more, and Ed finally loosened up enough to start enjoying himself. Loose enough that he noticed one of the guys dancing a little way away from them and couldn’t keep his eyes off him. The guy wasn’t that dissimilar from Colin. Really toned, nice arms, a flat stomach. He caught Ed looking and winked at him. Ed grinned.
They went to the bar for another drink and Ed stood watching the guy.
“Thass’ a nice-lookin’ bloke there.”
Colin raised his eyebrows. “Should I be worried here?” His lips twitched.
Ed felt the flush that rose up his chest, reaching his cheeks. “I’ve never looked at a guy like that before. This is so…new.”
Colin stared at him. Ed noted his pupils, so large and black.
“Do you know how much I want you right now?” Colin growled out. He grabbed Ed’s hand and pulled it around him, molding it around his arse. Then he slid his hand down to Ed’s crotch, squeezing his length. His voice dropped lower. “How much I want this inside me?”
God, if he thought he’d been hard before….
Colin spoke into his ear, his breath warm on Ed’s neck.

“Upstairs. Now.”


  1. cannot wait to read this . Looking forward to it :)

    x Dani

    1. Not long now, Dani. The book is currently at 52K.... getting closer! :)