Saturday, 25 January 2014

A review of Klub Kids by Johnny Williams

Okay, I have a confession.
I loved Johnny. 
I loved his humor from the first line, and it just kept coming. I was reading this on my laptop and my husband lost track of the number of times I laughed and then read him the line which had amused me.
A conversation between Danny and Johnny had me wanting to laugh and cry, all at the same time. Well, the whole situation had me laughing - not gonna spoil it, but you'll know when you get there.

“Nothing's wrong with you. You just haven’t met the right guy." 
"I'm a hopeless romantic stuck in a helplessly cynical body." I counter. I lift my head and look intently at him. "Help me find someone." I plead.
He seemed really shocked by my letting down all my walls. I don't think I've done that with many people in my life.He recovered,and patted my head, forcing it back onto his chest. "I'll find you someone. I promise." We laid there quiet for a while longer. 
“Alive.” I say. 
Danny sighed. “ He’ll be alive.”
“With all his own hair and teeth.” 
“Check.” He sighed louder. 
“Wealthy too.” I continue. 
“Anything else?” 
“Get him to look like Brad Pitt.” 
“What if he looks like Johnny Depp?”
“Okay . . . if I must.” I pretend to sigh.

Let's talk about the wanting to cry part.
Oh My God. Every time Johnny met someone, I found myself crossing everything and hoping with every fiber of my being that THIS WOULD BE THE ONE. Because all I wanted was for Johnny, hopelessly romantic Johnny, to find love.
And as for the last bit.... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. I melted. Just...melted.

I couldn't stop reading. And seeing as I know exactly how far the author is into the next book, you can be sure I will be on his case.
More, please, Mr. Williams.
And you definitely have a fan here.
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  1. Awesome!!! Thanks for the sneek-a-peek. I lurves Johnny too, {the author}, so maybe I need to go meet his Johnny... Oh and his Danny. hahaha