Wednesday, 12 February 2014

An Interview with Johnny Williams

Today I am joined by newbie author, Johnny Williams. If you haven’t read his book, Klub Kids… where have you been?? LOL
So, seeing as Johnny is a very witty young man, I decided to leave aside the usual questions about his inspiration, his writing…and try to give you all a picture of what the REAL Johnny Williams is like…
You have been warned…..

KC: So, Johnny, will you be going to GRL this year? And if so, will you go as a reader or an author?

Johnny:  I'm going as a Reader my first time. I wanted to enjoy it without the stress, not worry about my drink intake.. [ha] and meet people as I walk around... [not be tied down to a certain spot. [sharp shooters, you know. being the target, you always have to move about! hehe]

KC: Sharp shooters?? [Looks around her living room nervously] OH! Speaking of people that follow you… apparently you have some stalkers? Tell me about that…

Johnny:  Well, they started long ago when I did some modeling that [coughs] shall hopefully stay hidden.

KC: [raises eyebrows and grins]

Johnny: Anyways... as the book picks up new readers, I will have to address that issue again, but life goes on. I've learned to duck and roll, weave a lot walking near open windows, and avoid getting too near anyone that looks like that have rolls of duct tape on them.

KC: [bites lip] Ok-kaaayyyyyy…. On to the next question. So what is it with you and ET? [smirks]

Johnny:   I loved the movie when it originally came out. Same with Star Wars. Then George and Spielberg had to start tweaking. I hated the tweaking. There was real tension in the original version of ET, what with the FBI people having guns and stuff. Now, he has them carrying walkie talkies. Made it all PC and stuff. Come on!!!!! and I won't even go into how much Lucas messed up the Star Wars empire. bleh.

KC: I know you’re into skating. Why do you skate?

Johnny:   Fun. The freedom and the fun. plus, it was good to escape people chasing me when I was younger, trying to hit me because I was gay. lol. that's always a plus. Being 5' 5", and kind of not masculine, you need to know your limitations.

KC:  A little bird tells me you're "allergic" to Adam Sandler - this I gotta hear.....

Johnny: hahaha. Not really. I freakin' loved Happy Gilmore. And the Wedding Singer. But he's made way too many movies like Billy Madison. Which to me is not really that funny. I know others may like it, but it grates on me. And, whether a comedy is a sarcastic one, a slapstick gem, or a pun fun like Naked Gun, I expect most of all to just laugh. The worst thing a comedy can do for me is to not make me laugh. I love Sandler. He is very, very funny. I just wish he would take the time to make sure his movies are too before releasing them.

KC: What food can't you get in NYC 24x7?

Johnny:  nude, slim rock star-type waiters bringing you donuts on their dicks? Well, maybe some places. I may have to get back to you on that one.

KC: [snickers] And finally…..If ABBA is the answer - what is the question?

Johnny:   lol. While I DO say I love the Beatles... mostly because of Lennon and Harrison. and I DO love Nirvana... mostly because of Cobain..... my big GAY weakness is ABBA and Wham. LOL. If I am in a club, and Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie a man after midnight (ABBA's best song in my mind) is played, or Wake me up before you go go.... I squeal like a lil faggy boy and I am out in the middle of the crowd... [I NEVER dance on the sides... people can take photos of you there!!! haha] and bop up and down like a Dancing Queen! [my idea of dancing] hehehehee [aka.... I lose my cool guy persona I so carefully crafted and I am acting like a teen again, usually with my friend Jason, who had bribed someone to play the damn things to get me to dance with him. dammit]

KC: LOL. Johnny, thanks for stopping by. Any last words before you go?

Johnny: I hope, as any gay writer, people just relax and enjoy my work, free of any bigotry ahead of time. Also, as a frustrated comedian, I mostly hope you just simply laugh. If I make people smile somehow to make their lives seem okay at the moment, somewhere, I feel better.

KC: You certainly made me smile! All the best with the second book which I know you’re writing at the moment. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

                                                Klub Kids is available from Amazon

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